This website is the property of Below we have provided the A-Z of our terms and conditions that you must adhere to when dealing with us, our website or any third-party service provider associated with us.

  • All the details provided in written as asked by the company as well as the visa office processing the application should be truthful. The company will nowhere be responsible for the wrong and distorted information forwarded by the client and any henceforth consequence of the same.
  • It is imperative for the client to immediately inform the company regarding any changes in their address, education, status, skills, training, job specifications, marital status or any other detail as well as situation that might have any future impact on their permanent residence opportunity.
  • We provide authentic and reliable up to date details regarding the immigration law but even we can’t envision any changes in the law in future.
  • It is imperative that the client responds swiftly to our call for any detail or documents when and if required.
  • The company will not face the brunt for any delay faced due to client’s negligence in reporting and providing the required information asked.
  • Client needs to be proficient in either both or in one of the languages – English and French, as specified for the specific bands of IELTS or TEF tests.
  • The clients need to agree and provide proper acknowledgement for any changes made by the ministry of the country applied for regarding IELTS or any other required test during the process of Visa application.
  • Client is fully responsible for the result garnered on the bands of IELTS. The result and exam are solely the responsibility of the client.
  • We will not be responsible to forward the application and take the process to next stage till and when the payment or fees due to the company is not made in full along with the amount for that stage.
  • We are not liable to share the application number until and less the result of the same are received. However, if wanted, we can provide screenshot of the application every fifteen days.
  • Clients are petitioned to accord the installment amount due for Positive Skill Assessment within the period of 10 days of receiving the result for Positive assessment. In case the amount is not received we have full authority to close the process from our side. To reopen the closed case, client will be liable to pay fees amounting to Rs. 15,000 along with taxes as applicable.
  • We have no control over the last and final decision regarding the application after submitting it to respected department. The success of the process and application is not in our hands. We will not be liable for the application of a user or client being revoked.
  • Once the application has been forwarded to the department from our end, any changes made to the law of immigration that might affect the outcome of the application along with any losses incurred will not be the responsibility of the company.
  • It is our utmost duty to provide sound and advantageous advice for even minute points regarding the application. In the case, you disavow our advice, it is imperative to provide an acknowledgement in written of the same for the advice received.
  • The client needs to provide warranty and agree that once they have approached for any process, the further connection with required authorities will be made by the company themselves and in under no circumstances the client or any other representative of the client will get in touch with any authorities that is dealing with or are about to.
  • It is imperative that the all documentation and information provided to by the client is truthful and authentic. Furthermore, the client agrees to compensate for all the losses incurred to the company due to any false information provided by the client. The loss incurred is not limited to the legal cost acquired while fighting against criminal or civil lawsuit due to the client’s wrongful information.
  • The client agrees to provide with all the required details as well as documents revolving around the personal, educational details, work experience and such other information of the clients as swiftly as possible that might seem imperative to the company for successful process of the garnering the visa.
  • The company,, is not liable for any delay in the visa process by Australian Government, however, we offer guarantee of preparing, processing and managing the application from our end as fast as possible while being diligent to file the application correctly.
  • The information provided by our website is subject to change with time. We will not be responsible for any damage due to this. Also, use the information provided on our website as a general advice. The advice which we give you through our website does not make us your consultant in any way until you contact us personally.
  • Our Website uses cookies to personalize your experience and make it better. In case you disable us from storing cookies on your system, then we will still store the information provided by you in our forms. These information are shared with our partners to enable them to send offers about products and services relevant for you. This data is usually your personal information, contact details and location. You can contact us at anytime and stop us from sharing your data with any third party associated with us.
  • Users and visitors of our website are not allowed to copy our website’s content without giving reference to us, the author. If you do choose to copy our content then you need to give the necessary reference about our website. In case you put the reference in an article posted online then you must mention our website’s link as well.
  • Copying the source code of this site will also be considered as plagiarism. We offer the relevant links from the sites we copy content from. Any commercial use of our content will be a punishable offence.
  • We change the content of our website on a regular basis. To stay updated with the content of our website you need to visit regularly. It is your responsibility to stay updated about changes even when we do not inform you personally about them.
  • You must agree to provide authentic and genuine data in our forms. Even while signing up to our website, you must provide relevant data.
  • You are not allowed to post content that is abusive, inappropriate or gives air to hate speech. Any racist or casteist remarks will only lead to your account being used. You may also get criminally charged for these inappropriate remarks and comments.
  • The damage due information that you receive from any third party service provider associated with us will not be our mistake. You need to deal with the third party service provider without involving us in any scenario. Same goes for the products and service you receive from them.

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