Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

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Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec is one of the ten provinces of Canada and is the second most populous province after Ontario. It has a predominantly French-speaking population, with French being the sole provincial official language. Quebec has an advanced, market-based and open economy. The economy of the province has undergone a tremendous change over the last decade, with the firm ground in the knowledge economy. It has one of the highest growth rates of gross domestic product (GDP) in Canada.

To keep in pace with the growing economy in the province, Quebec has to fill the gap of skilled individuals in the labor market. Quebec has a special agreement with the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that will allow them to nominate the immigrants with required skills and work experience to live in the province as a permanent resident. This immigration pathway for skilled immigrants is known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Canada is a nation of DREAMS

Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2020?

This Quebec PNP Program 2020 is an application process for skilled immigrants who want to live and work in the province of Quebec as permanent residents. As mentioned above, Quebec has a special agreement that allows the province to have its own set of rules for selecting the immigrants who will be able to adapt well to living in the province.

There are two stages to apply for permanent residency in the province of Quebec:

  • Apply to the provincial government of Quebec to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). This certificate will show that the province has selected its holder for permanent residency in the province

After getting the CSQ, the candidate has to apply for Canada PR visa to the IRCC along with the CSQ certificate

Quebec Eligibility Requirements

To be able to live in the province as a permanent resident, the applicant has to get their hands on CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate). As the federal government’s Express Entry Program, Quebec PNP program 2020 is also a point-based program. It allows them to only nominate the immigrants, who are having the skill-sets that will help in the economic development of the province.

A single applicant has to score a minimum of 50 points on this system while an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

These points are awarded based on the credentials submitted by the applicants. Quebec PNP program 2020 selection factors are as follows:

Selection FactorsMaximum Points
Educational Qualification14
Area of Training12
Validated Employment Offer10
Work experience8
Language Proficiency22
Stay and family in the province8
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics17
Presence of Accompanying Children8
Financial Self-sufficiency1

Note: Getting the one point in Financial Self-Sufficiency selection factor is mandatory. This point helps the province to know that the applicant will be able to support financially both himself/herself and any accompanying family member for their move to Canada

Breakdown of the points

Factor 1: Educational Qualification (Maximum 14 points)

General High School Diploma2
Vocational High School Diploma6
General Post-Secondary School Diploma (Full time 2 years)4
Technical Post-Secondary School Diploma (Full time for 1 or 2 years)6
Undergraduate degree for one year4
Undergraduate degree for two years6
Undergraduate degree for three years10
Master’s Degree12

Factor 2: Area of Training (Maximum 12 points)

Section of Area of TrainingPoints
Section A12
Section B9
Section C6
Section D2

Factor 3: Validated Employment Offer (Maximum 10 points)

Offered job is in Montreal region – 8 points Offered job is outside of Montreal region – 10 points

Factor 4: Work Experience (Maximum 8 points)

Duration of Work ExperiencePoints
Less than 6 months0
6 months to 1 year4
1 to 2 years4
2 to 3 years6
3 to 4 years6
More than 4 years8

Factor 5: Age (Maximum 16 points)

Age (In years)Points
18 to 3516

Factor 6: Language Proficiency (Maximum 22 points)

Quebec has French as their official language. If the applicant has proven language proficiency in French they are awarded a maximum 16 points and maximum 6 points for the English language.

French language for Quebec skilled worker program

Higher Intermediate (B2)5511
Advanced (C1)6611
Advanced (C2)7711

For English Language Proficiency

Higher Intermediate (B2)5511
Advanced (C1)6611
Advanced (C2)7711

Factor 7: Stay and family in the province (maximum 8 points)

For the previous stay in the province, 5 points are awarded as follows:

For studies leading to a vocational training diploma or AES attesting to a total of 900 – 1,800 hours, combined with full-time work experience in Quebec related to the field of training, for a duration of at least 6 months following a study program5
To work, with a work permit of at least 1 year and 6 months or more of full-time work experience5
Stay for the duration of at least 3 months2
Stay for the duration of at least 2 weeks but less than 3 months1

For a family in Quebec, 3 points are awarded as follows:

Connection with applicantPoints
Spouse/common-law partner3
Son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, Grandfather or grandmother3

Factor 8: Spouse or Common-law partner Characteristics (Maximum 17 points)

These 17 points are awarded based on the spouse or Common-law partner credentials or qualification as follows:

Spouse or Common-law partner factorsMaximum Points
Education level4
Area of Training4
Language proficiency in French language6

Factor 9: Presence of Accompanying Children (Maximum 8 points)

Age of ChildrenPoints
For each child 12 years of age or younger4
For each child 13 to 21 years of age2
Maximum points8

Factor 10: Financial Self-sufficiency

As mentioned before, scoring this 1 point is mandatory for Quebec immigration process. Following is the chart of minimum settlement funds required for Quebec immigration established by the provincial government of Quebec

Number of family membersFunds Required (In CAD)
1 adult$3,188
1 adult and 1 child (under 18 years of age)$4,284
1 adult and 2 children (under 18 years of age)$4,836
1 adult and 3 children (under 18 years of age)$5,388
1 adult and more than 3 children under 18 years old add$552 per child
2 adults$4,676
2 adult and 1 child (under 18 years of age)$5,238
2 adult and 2 children (under 18 years of age)$5,653
2 adult and 3 children (under 18 years of age)$6,068
2 adult and more than 3 children under 18 years old, add$416 per child
2 adults and 1 child (or more) 18 years old or older, add$1,487 per child

How to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker from Indian in 2020?

In order to immigrate to the province of Quebec, applicants first have to register under Quebec’s Expression of Interest System

Expression of Interest System:

Introduced on August 2, 2018, Expression of Interest came into effect to help the province to streamline the process of Quebec Skilled Worker Program’s applications. To begin their process, applicants have to show their intention to live in the province by applying to the program by creating a profile in Quebec Expression of Interest System.

Quebec’s provincial government has provided the applicant with a different type of portals. These portals act as a gateway for the applicants to apply for permanent residency. These immigration portals are as follows:

Arrima portal:

Quebec’s immigration ministry – MIDI introduced the Arrima portal on September 18, 2018, to accept Expression of Interests (EOIs) to apply for QSWP. Applicants first have to submit their EOI profile through Arrima portal in order to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Arrima portal is open year-round thus giving the applicants to apply for Quebec immigration process any time.

Mon Projet Quebec

Applicants who are able to get an invitation from the provincial government to apply for Quebec immigration through QSWP, have to secure Mon projet Quebec portal to submit their application. This portal provides the candidates with the following features:

  • Complete their application for CSQ
  • Make payments online
  • Check their application status
  • Make changes in the application
  • Access electronic messaging throughout the process

What are Quebec documents required 2020 & QSWP processing time 2020?

Following are the set of documents that are required for an applicant to submit with their application for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) 2020:

  • Financial Self-Sufficiency contract (Quebec immigration form A-0522-OA)
  • Photocopy of Birth certificate
  • Photocopy of valid passport showing issue date and expiry date
  • Original passport-sized photos of all family members accompanying to Quebec
  • A certified true copy of all internship agreements completed as part of a study program
  • Photocopy of documentation supporting your work as a self-employed person or contractor
  • The original declaration of parental consent if a child below 18 years of age will be accompanying the applicant to Canada without the other parent
  • Photocopy of French language testing: TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Canada, TCF, TCFQ, DELF or DALF
  • Photocopy of English language testing: IELTS
  • An original or certified true copy of income tax return to prove the legality of work experience

Other documents can be asked to be submitted by the Immigration officer during the immigration process.   QSWP Processing time 2020 varies from one Canadian Immigration Visa Office to another. Following table illustrates the fees for Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2020:

ApplicantFees (In CAD)
Principal Applicant$798
Spouse, de facto spouse$171
Each dependent Child$171

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