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About New Zealand

For Indian students, studying in New Zealand is an excellent opportunity to get a future-focused education. Without any doubt, New Zealand is one of the best destinations for study abroad aspirants. The country’s internationally recognized education system and superior lifestyle give international students the ultimate boost to study in New Zealand and become part of its global workforce.

With globally ranked universities and a high-quality education system, studying in New Zealand offers Indian students a personalized learning experience, promising opportunities, rich culture, dynamic economy, and a fantastic climate where they can thrive and achieve academic excellence.

Why Study in New Zealand?

The qualifications gained in New Zealand are highly respected and recognized globally by leading employers and education providers. After completing your course, you can also apply for a Post-study work visa, depending on your qualifications and other eligibility requirements.

  • Globally Recognized Universities

    Universities in New Zealand enjoy wide recognition and global acceptance. Courses and education programs in New Zealand are of top-notch quality and highly respected by employers worldwide.

  • Lower Tuition Fees & Expenses

    Studying in New Zealand is ideal for Indian students due to its affordable living cost and lower tuition fee. Students can easily find cheap accommodations, reasonably priced public transportation, and access to other necessities without being financially burdened.

  • Minimal Entry Requirements

    The process of getting admission into New Zealand universities is not too complicated. Several programs and courses have minimal eligibility requirements. Also, there isn’t much fierce competition among prospective candidates to enter the best universities in New Zealand. There is no age bar, and even students with moderate marks or grades can easily take admission into the most demanding courses.

Top Universities in New Zealand

University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

University of Waikato

Hamilton, New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

Lincoln University

Lincoln, New Zealand

Auckland University of technology

Auckland, New Zealand

Massey University

Palmerston North, New Zealand

University of Canterbury

Christchurch, New Zealand

University of Otago

Dunedin, New Zealand


How should we apply to study in New Zealand?
  • Start by choosing the right course and university for you.
  • Prepare to apply by researching your options well. You may compare various courses and programs, learn about scholarship programs, visa cost, and fee structure.
  • Collect all your documents
  • Make sure you meet the language requirements
  • Check the application deadline
What can be the cost of studying in New Zealand?

Tuition fee in New Zealand for international students depends on the course/program, university, duration of studies, and location. However, it may cost you $17,000- -$35,000 per year to study in New Zealand.

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Are any scholarships available for international students in New Zealand?

Numerous scholarship options are available for international students planning to study in New Zealand. Government institutions, private colleges, and Philanthropists offer these scholarships to students.

Can we work while we study in New Zealand?

Yes, student visa holders can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time, i.e., 40 hours a week during scheduled holidays. Postgraduate or Ph.D. students can work full-time during term time and holidays.

The official guidelines say there isn’t any special requirement when taking short courses (such as distance education), however one should consider obtaining proper entry documentation prior make certain arrangements before arrival.

Can international students apply for permanent residence?

New Zealand follows a point-based system to select the most eligible candidates for a PR visa. Any work experience gained while and after studying in New Zealand will help you score more points and qualify for permanent residency.

Is a study permit required for short courses?

You can apply for a visitor visa to come to New Zealand for a short course. A study permit is required if the duration of your course is more than six months.

What are the processing times for a study permit?

Immigration New Zealand may take up to four weeks (20 working days) for processing a student visa application submitted online and five and six weeks for applications submitted as hard copy. Processing can take up to three months during busy periods; however, we advise students to apply early to avoid delays.

How can I apply for scholarships in New Zealand?

Step 1: Learn which scholarship program you qualify for.
Step 2: Check the documents you need
Step 3: Contact referees early


Step 4: certify all your documents

Step 5: Prepare your application and apply

What are the minimum qualifications and requirements to study in New Zealand?

Qualifications equivalent to NCEA Level 3 or New Zealand year 13 are the minimum academic requirement for most undergraduate courses in the country. A minimum of 5.5 IELTS band scores is required for undergraduate programs. Courses like MBA require GME or GMAT results for study in New Zealand.

Do I Need Health Insurance to Study in New Zealand?

All students must pay total healthcare costs while studying and working in New Zealand. Having suitable medical and travel insurance is a condition for all student visas.