Why New Bounds for IELTS?

We offer a wide range of courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our structured study material will help you master the test and get into your dream universities and colleges!

Classroom & online sessions: We offer a variety of options to suit the needs and interests of our diverse student population. Our Saturday classes are conducted in person, while we provide online sessions from Monday through Friday for those who cannot get out during this time or prefer doing so at their own pace without any distractions [such as other people].

Individualized instruction/classes: We provide individualized instruction for students of all kinds, tailoring each class to their specific needs.

Interesting & interactive learning mediums to increase students’ understanding of course materials: By using a variety of engaging tools, we aim to give the students an understanding that is bigger than just what they are learning. These include giving recitations in which they can be questions asked about certain points or even discussing topics not covered on previous slides; explanations with animations and examples so it becomes easier for them to understand why something happens like how chemical reactions happen at different rates depending upon temperature etc., creating Analogies which help students relate new knowledge gained from reading materials back onto their lives as well analogical thinking used daily everywhere around us such things being Health Care Professionals helping people by diagnosing illness through X-rays while another might

Weekly lesson plans: Lesson plans are a great way to prepare for lessons. With a weekly lesson plan, you can be more confident about what will happen in your upcoming week’s classes and learn at the same time!

We offer different types of class preparation services including one on ones with our passionate team members who have years’ worth or experience teaching just like yourself so they may help identify any weak points before it becomes an issue later down stream; these sessions might take place anywhere from 10 minutes – 3 hours depending upon how much ground we covered during previous conversations as well if there was anything specific related specifically around language development needs- both spoken languages (English) & written forms too.

Progress reports for each student: We provide progress reports for each student so that they know where their efforts need to be directed.

Three Sessions Everyday: Immigration is a difficult process, but our team at New Bounds Immigration has the expertise and dedication to make it easy. We offer three sessions everyday for 3 months with an experienced IELTS trainer who will teach you how to speak English like a native!

First-rate Training: We don’t want you to just pass the IELTS test, we want your success story. We provide quality training by an expert and highly experienced instructor having many years of relevant experience teaching students how they can improve their score on any exam with ease while increasing their chances for landing a university spot or job opportunity abroad!

Excellent Infrastructure: New Bounds Immigration has an amazing state-of the art infrastructure, in the form of dedicated classrooms and online sessions to train applicants so they can do well on their exams.

Expert Trainers: With our expert trainers, you can rest assured that your visa seekers and students will be well-equipped for success in the exam. They are 100% certified with all of the credentials necessary to train or equip them so they perform beautifully during testing sessions while scoring high bands!

Great Counselling Support: In addition, we provide counseling for our students and visa candidates so that they can do well in upcoming important exams. We encourage them by providing the best possible support on what will be difficult topics like exam preparation.

Amazing Progress: Those who seek and get IELTS coaching from us display notable improvement in their performance. Their scores jump Dramatically, they become more confident with high band ratings on the test!

Complimentary Services: The IELTS coaching is an expense that can be expensive and charges vary from 10000 to 15000. To make it accessible for everyone we provide free online lessons until your goal score becomes manifest in real life with our enrolled clients they will receive all of their needed information without any additional cost! Take advantage now by clicking here  to sign up today so you too may live out that dream about becoming a citizen or settling down abroad.”

IELTS Program Details at New Bounds Immigration

Important Tips & Tricks for cracking the IELTS Examination: We don’t believe in the myth that you need to be an expert language learner before taking IELTS. With some regular practice and using our tips, even those without a good background can score high marks!

Speaking Skills: Speaking skills are an important part of performing well in the competitive job market today. Our instructor ensures that our students become reasonably good at it with her help!

Listening Skills: We are committed to ensuring that our students can compete on a global stage by equipping them with the necessary coaching and training.

Reading Skills: Reading is a vital component of the IELTS test. The best way to prepare for it, we cover in our reading skills course which will help you become well prepared and do well on this part of your exam so that not only do high bands come out but also an understanding about what they mean as well!

Writing Skills: Writing is a tough section for many students, but we have all the answers to make it easier. We cover writing in detail so that you do well on this part of IELTS and get high scores overall!

Doubt Clearing Sessions: You can get all the answers to your doubts regarding IELTS test preparation through our doubt-clearing sessions. We ensure that none of your questions go unanswered and unattended, no matter how big or small they are!

Number of Sessions & Class Duration: Our state-of-the-art facility offers three sessions per day. Our dedicated team is here to make you feel comfortable and get your workout done on time so that we can all go home early!

Flexible Timings: We understand that some people have different schedules and may not always be able to make the coaching timings. As a result, we provide flexible options for your convenience!

Custom-made Coaching: We make sure that each of our students is receiving the most tailored and individualized coaching possible. Each person’s situation is different, which means we have many options at hand to help them reach their goals faster than ever before!


The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a widely accepted test of the English language and it’s Often Accepted in Many Universities All Over The World, Especially Across Canada Australia UK New Zealand And USA


The IELTS examination has four different sections, each with its own set of questions. A candidate must score at least 6 out 9 possible points in order to pass the test and become eligible for certain university courses or immigration programs- it’s pretty easy!

IELTS Test Components

The test has four components, even though it takes about two hours and 45 minutes to complete the entire thing.


The IELTS Reading test is made up of 40 questions. Each correctly answered question fetch 1 mark, which means that the maximum score you can achieve on this section alone would be 40! A band ranging from Band 1-9 then awards depending upon your performance in each area: grammar/punctuation & vocabulary knowledge The Grantsmanship Candidates’ Campaign will continue to promote awareness about what it takes for someone seeking academic grants through their efforts both before and after applying while also providing helpful tips during application processes so applicants don’t feel overwhelmed by these tasks alone; but instead find themselves well equipped with strategies used successfully time.

Time Required: 60 minutes

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While taking the IELTS test, examiners will mark your written and spoken performance using detailed criteria. They give a band score for each of 4 areas: Task 1 (for task achievement), Response 2(coherence & cohesion) Lexical range accuracy grammar range/word Recognition . These all get equal weightage which means that they’re equally important in determining how well you perform on this portion but there’s one more thing – academic pattern or general writing component? Most students opt to do it academically because it can be tough at times; however, if someone wants less intensity then going through a letter-writing session might suit them better.

Time Required: 60 minutes



Examiners will award you a band score for each of the four criteria areas: fluency and coherence, lexical resource grammar range accuracy. These get equal weightage with three parts to this test which include an interview covering aspects of your past present or future situations.

Time Required: 11 to 14 minutes

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The test has 40 questions and you will get a chance to hear it just once. When the recorded material ends, copy your answers into an answer sheet quickly because time is limited! .

Time Required: 30 minutes


The IELTS exam is a very competitive one, and even with the help of our best instructors you might not be able to score high marks. However we will always provide personalized programs based on your needs so that no matter what level English speaker takes this test in their native tongue they can do well!

The IELTS assesses your ability to understand and use English beyond simply speaking it. This is why we have a specially trained staff of experts who will help you master the artful use of written Communication through our rigorous program so that YOUR scores improve significantly!