Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

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What is Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) ?

The AINP is a program that allows you to be nominated by your employer and apply for permanent residency through the province. This means faster processing times than if applying directly, as well as more opportunities in their specific field of work once they arrive!

The government is looking for talented immigrants with skills that will help speed up the process of becoming a citizen! applying through Alberta’s immigrant nominee program can shave years off one’s timelines, so what are you waiting for?

The Nominee Program allows people living abroad to be considered as candidates in order establish their eligibility and make it easier when they come here permanently or visit temporarily. The best part about this application method – there isn’t any need go back overseas just because we want our clients based out west too; everyone has equal opportunity at being nominated.

What are different AINP Immigration Pathways

Some immigrants are looking for a way to start their life in Canada, and if they have skills that would benefit the country then PNP is an option. Skilled worker programs like these give people who want more opportunities on why we’re such great place as well!:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta Opportunity Stream

The Alberta Opportunity Stream is a new immigration program that provides immigrants with the opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship and live in one of Canada’s most beautiful regions. The requirements include working in an eligible occupation, having enough experience or educational levels required by law as well has meeting English language proficiency standards before applying; otherwise knowns how great it feels being able t o speak your native tongue again!

Minimum requirements for AINP Opportunity Pathway

To be eligible for the Alberta Opportunity Pathway, applicants must meet a variety of criteria. Unless otherwise stated, all conditions must be met at the time the application is submitted and evaluated by AINP

Work Visa and Residency

Candidates must be qualified and hold a valid Canadian Provisional Resident status that allows them to work. The basis for the legitimate Work Visa must be one of the following

  • Affirmative LMIA - Labor Market Impact Assessment

  • Exemption for LMIA through inter-company transferees, international trade agreements, Mobilit Francophone or International Experience

  • Post-graduate Work Visa

The candidates must also be working in an eligible occupation

Unqualified candidates:

  • Refugees under removal or appeal proceedings

  • Provisional residents staying out of Alberta

  • Provisional residents on restoration or implied status

Additionally, there are additional criteria for those with Post-Graduate Work Visas. Their current job must be related to the field of study they are pursuing in Alberta.

If you are enrolled and admitted in your program before 1 April 2019, your qualification must have been offered by an authorized institution and be any one of the below:

  • Post- Graduate Certificate or Certificate of at least 1 year

  • Minimum 2 years Diploma Program

  • Bachelors Degree at Undergraduate level

  • Diploma, Certificate, or Degree at the Graduate level

Occupation Requirements

You must be employed in a qualified occupation in Alberta to become eligible for the Alberta Opportunity Pathway. The majority of the occupations under NOC – National Occupational Classification Skill levels D, C, B, A, and 0 are eligible for AINP. Alberta does not prioritize candidates if their occupations are preset on a specific list unlike some other provinces in Canada. On the other hand, AINP has a list of disqualified occupations.

Language Requirements

You shall need to offer results from language tests that prove minimum CLB – Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 in all language skills in French (NCLC – Niveaux de competence Linguistique Canadiens) or English at the time of submission of application. This applies to most of the NOC codes.

Education Requirements

You must have completed at least High School Education in your nation of origin at the time of applying.

Work Experience Requirements

When you submit your application, you are required to have: 

  • At least 12 months of full-time experience for work in your present occupation in Alberta within the past 18 months; OR

  • At least 24 months* of full-time experience for work in your present occupation in Canada or and overseas within the past 30 months. (* It can be a combination of experience obtained in Alberta province, outside Alberta, and in Canada, or and overseas.)

The Post-Graduation Work Visa holders are required to have at least six months of experience of work in:

  • Their current occupation in Alberta within the past 18 months; AND

  • In an occupation linked to their studies on par with a credential and institution approved in Alberta;

Additional Requirements

You must be certified, registered or licensed to practice your current profession in Alberta.

You must have a valid full-time job offer from an Alberta employer to take up your current job in Alberta and be employed full-time by that Alberta employer in this occupation.

The job offer must be signed by you and your Alberta employer and must provide:

  • Uninterrupted paid work Full-time

  • employment of at least 30 hours per week for 1 year

  • Employment in your current occupation

  • Employment in a skilled trade at the AINP for which you have a work visa and meet the AINP work visa requirements

What is Alberta Express Entry Pathways

The immigrant stream is a great way to bring talented people who want the opportunity for economic growth and diversification in Canada. Candidates can apply through express entry or international graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions may also receive an invitation if they have strong ties with their province/territory

The AINP has created this smaller pool so that only skilled immigrants are invited, showing commitment towards supporting provincial economies by adding more diversity within these categories – which will result not just domestically but internationally as well!

The requirements for Alberta Express Entry stream

  • Have an active profile in the Canadian Express Entry pool

  • Must declare an interest in permanently immigrating to Alberta

  • Must be employed in an occupation that promotes diversification and economic development of Alberta

  • The minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score must be 300 points

The factors below can increase a candidate’s chances of receiving a NOI:

  • Job offer from an Alberta employer and/or Alberta work experience

  • Diploma from a Canadian post-secondary institution

  • Presence of parents residing in Alberta: siblings and/or children, parents

The factors below may reduce the applicant’s chances of receiving notice of intent:

  • Express Entry applications will terminates within the next 90 days

  • Working in a disqualifying occupation

Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Pathways

The AINP is dedicated to helping immigrants who are skilled workers in other fields, like farming. They have created this stream for those with experience and financial stability so they can purchase land or start their own businesses here on Canadian soil!