32110 – Denturists

Broad Occupation Category

3 - Health occupations


2 – Occupations usually require a college diploma or apprenticeship training of two or more years; or supervisory occupations

Major Group

32 – Technical occupations in health

Broad Occupation Category

321 – Technical occupations in health (except practitioners of natural healing)

Broad Occupation Category

3211 – Technical occupations in dental health care

Denturists examine patients and design, construct and repair removable dentures. Most denturists work in private practice.

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Example Titles

  • Dental mechanic

  • Denturist

  • Denturologist

Main Duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Measure patients' jaws to determine size and shape of dentures required.

  • Make impressions of patients' teeth, gums and jaws

  • Design and construct dentures or direct other workers to construct dentures

  • Insert, fit and modify new dentures

  • Repair dentures

  • Reline, rebase and adjust dentures

  • Fabricate mouth protectors, anti-snoring prostheses and removable prostheses on implants

  • May order radiographs

  • May prepare partial dentures

  • May perform denture whitening and cleaning.

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of a two- or three-year college program in denturism/denturology is required.

  • An internship in a registered denture clinic may be required.

  • Licensing by a provincial or territorial regulatory body is required.