12113 – Statistical officers and related research support occupations

Broad Occupation Category

1 –Business, finance, and administration occupations


2 – Occupations usually require a college diploma or apprenticeship training of two or more years; or supervisory occupations

Major Group

12 – Administrative and financial supervisors and specialized administrative occupations

Sub-major group

121 – Specialized administrative occupations

Minor group

1211 – Court reporters, transcriptionists, records management technicians and statistical officers

Statistical officers and workers in related research support occupations provide statistical and research support services to a wide range of businesses and organizations. These workers conduct statistical routines, monitor trends, compile data and prepare charts, graphs, summaries and reports in support of organizational information needs and research activities. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors. Statistical officers who are also supervisors are included in this unit group.

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Example Titles

  • Research assistant - generalist (except university)

  • Research support officer

  • Social research assistant (except university)

  • Statistical officer

  • Technical research assistant (except post-secondary)

Main Duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Compile tables, charts, graphs and summarized statistics for integration in research papers and reports

  • Process data using statistical software to conduct basic analyses of trends in support of research activities

  • Collect, consolidate, cross-tabulate and format data from various sources to prepare draft reports for review by supervisors or researchers

  • Assist in collection and tracking of data from monitored use of services and provide information to management and client groups

  • May prepare technical documents and monitoring reports on volumetrics and other trend analyses

  • May supervise statistical and research support workers.

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is required.

  • A college diploma or undergraduate degree in a social science, commerce, statistics or a related field is usually required.